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Welcome to our site!

Welcome to my store! I am Lisa Popeil, Founder and CEO of Popeil Innovations and Popeil Family Store. I initially opened PopeilFamilyStore.com in 2003 to showcase my former husband, Ron Popeil's, Ronco Showtime Rotisserie, simply because I loved the product so much! It quickly became a family affair as our daughter, Lauren, got involved with the business.

Lauren and I love to cook and entertain our friends and family. When we are in the kitchen, we know how important it is to have the highest quality kitchenware, appliances and cooking tools. Which is why we decided to offer a complete line of kitchen and home products. Our goal is to offer you products that through our research and testing, we know are the very best and will deliver the highest quality performance.

Our mission is not only to offer the best kitchen products, but also to create the best possible online shopping experience for you. We strive to make Popeil Family Store an easy-to-use website that offers a wide variety of exceptional products for your kitchen and home.

Why you should shop with us

Personal Customer Care: Popeil Family Store really cares about our customers! You will find that our Customer Service Representatives are not only professional, but very friendly and well informed. Service is our priority, and with that in mind we want to make sure that you have a positive experience shopping with us.

When you call Popeil Family Store, the phone is always answered by people whose first goal is to help you - not sell you! You will not reach a "Call Center," where the employees are coached to keep offering products that you don't want and don't need. Our Customer Service Representatives are encouraged to help you select the best items for your specific needs - even if those items are less expensive!

Low Prices: Our goal is to offer highly competitive prices on all of the products we offer. Through our strategic relationships with vendors and manufacturers, we are able to offer some of the best prices and most exceptional promotions available anywhere.

Fast Shipping: Your order will ship within 24 business hours, unless an item is on back-order.

Convenience: Popeil Family Store on the web is always open, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Ė plus, we are as close as your computer!

Popeil Family Store will continue to bring you new and exciting products as we discover them. We are always on the lookout for cooking and home products that will enhance your time in the kitchen or simply make great gifts.

Thank you for shopping with us

Lisa Popeil
CEO, Founder
Popeil Innovations
Popeil Family Store
Los Angeles, CA

Comments from Satisfied Customers

I canít tell you how much we appreciate you standing behind your product. I bought my first one in 2000 when I was a single parent with two small boys. I am married again and my wife and I still love it, the old one started going out a month ago so we decided to buy another one and look forward to another 15 years of great cooking.
- B.A.

I had an outstanding experience with this merchant. I purchased and received this rotisserie about one week ago. I was impressed with how quickly I received the product (within 4 days after order). I experienced a very minute issue with the product (which was explained on the website and in the video) and called Customer Service. They were so courteous, friendly and helpful. It was indeed a pleasant experience. I decided that the product I purchased was too small for my needs so I've returned the product for the larger model. I called Customer Service to see if it were possible for me to turn my new rotisserie in (even though I used it twice) for the larger model and if so what was the process. Again, with the courteous and friendly attitude they told me it was no problem at all and informed of what I needed to do. I was so impressed with their customer service and the product, I have informed many of my family and friends about the product and Customer Service experience!
...I happened to test the rotisserie by cooking pork chops in the oven (using the same seasoning) and putting the rest in the rotisserie. Well, the pork chops in the rotisserie cooked remarkably faster than their counterparts in the oven and they were much juicier and more tender. It was almost unbelievable. Plus, I put the taste test to our most finicky eaters, MY KIDS. They didn't want the oven cooked pork chops, they wanted the rotisserie cooked ones. They said the pork chops didn't taste the same at all. Now mind you, it was the same seasonings on both. To top it all off, I didnít have to wait for a Customer Service representative!!!!!!
--C. Bell

I have always been extremely pleased with this merchant whenever I have dealt with them. Their products are always better than I would ever imagine and they stand behind their products. Their delivery is always quick and efficient and I have never had to contact them any further. I would highly recommend this merchant and their products to anyone and usually do!
--N. Brooks

Wonderful! When I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for (because I was not looking in the right area), I emailed customer service. I had a response in an hour, made my purchase and had my items two days later. I am very happy with my purchase. It is exactly the thing I wanted and needed and no one else carries it! Thanks!!
--M. Pfeiffer

2 years ago I bought my pro 6000 and I bought one for my cousin. Since, I use it 2-3 times a week and it has been the best purchase I ever made.
The point I would like to tell you about was last Christmas I brought it to work and everybody was so impressed that my boss has already contacted you for his own.
I'm now asked for your web site and to cook for the staff. I would again like to thank you for such a great cooker.
--J. Chabot

I have placed several orders over the last 2 years with the Popeil Family Store. Every order was accepted the same day and shipped out with-in a day or two. I received every order with-in a week and everything was correct on the orders. I have given some of these as gifts and some I use myself. Very satisfied with the products and the service.
--R. Hixon

Absolutely fantastic !!! Super fast shipping and great communication via e-mail for tracking shipment. Website is very user-friendly.
--R. Kimbrel

I recently purchased a 6000 W rotisserie from popeilfamilystore.com. I was extremely pleased with their overall service. I called once before ordering to make sure the item was in stock. The customer service was very pleasant. I even called a second time after my purchase to double check the contents of my order (I couldn't believe all I was getting for the low price), yet again, customer service was pleasant to work with. I received a confirmation notice for the product and it arrived a short time later. My rotisserie arrived, I used it the next day and I love it. I previously owned the junior rotisserie, but made a gift of it to purchase the commercial size rotisserie. It is one of the best purchases I have made. It cooks fast, eliminates lots of unwanted fat as it cooks, and it tastes great. I would purchase from popeilfamilystore.com again in a heartbeat!

Well girls I cant say enough about your wonderful machine. First of all the delivery was extra, extra fast. When Janet and I were talking about ordering the cooker I told her I would have to see to believe. Well now I am a believer. I canít tell you how Impressed we are in the quality, the quietness and the easy clean up. Was amazed at the amount of grease that came from the meat. The flavor is great. In a nutshell, we are very proud of it and are telling our friends about it. Every household should have one. Love it and thanks for the great service.
--Jimmie and Janet Stewart

I ordered just before Christmas thinking it would get here until well after the holidays and they got here Christmas Eve. The product works great. We are very happy.

Popeilfamilystore responded to all my inquiries, either my email or phone via email or phone. When I ordered duplicate products, they verified if I intended that or was confused which in the end got me everything I wanted for less money! I love not only the personal attention but the quickness!

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