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Q. What is the difference between the 3000 Series, 4000 Series and 5000 Series models?
The 3000 model is perfect for one or two people, small families, smaller kitchens and R.V.s, and will cook up to a 10 lb. turkey. It is smaller than the other models.
Outside Dimensions: 17" wide - 11" high - 11" deep.

The 4000 and 5000 models are exactly the same size. These models are great for one person or a larger family and will cook up to a 15 lb. turkey.
Outside Dimensions: 19" wide - 13" high - 14" deep.

Q. Why don't you carry the Ronco 6000 Rotisserie anymore?
We wish we did! Unfortunately, Ronco has stopped manufacturing them.

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Q. Sometimes my Showtime Rotisserie makes a high-pitched squeaking noise.
How do I make it stop?
The spit rod is metal and it turns against the metal on the inside of the oven. It is the nature of metal against metal to sometimes squeak if it is not lubricated. Before you turn your rotisserie on, please place vegetable oil or spray a little Pam where the ends of the spit rod turns on the inside walls of the oven. This should end the squeaking noise. If for some reason it doesn't please contact us and we will make sure to get the problem taken care of as soon as possible.

Q. My spit assembly seems wobbly and it clunks while it's rotating... how do I get it to stop?
Before placing the spit assembly in the rest area, please turn the spit rod assembly 180 degrees so that the end with the top plate rests on the opposite side. Please note that there is a little play where the rods fit into the top plate, this is to allow room for the metal as it expands and gets hot. As the metal expands you may find that it will run much smoother. If this problem still persists, contact us as soon as possible to get the matter taken care of.

Q. What is the best way to clean my rotisserie? What products should I use to clean it?
You will find wonderful results if you simply put your non-stick baskets and drip pan right into your dishwasher. If you have crusted on sauces or spices on the baskets, you may want to first push off the larger pieces with a sponge. Do not use an abrasive cleanser on any non-stick surfaces, as it will compromise the effect of the coating.

We put our spit rods right into the dishwasher, too. If sauces have baked onto the plates, I like to put a coating of dishwasher gel on those areas and let it sit in the sink for 15 minutes or so before putting into the dishwasher. It comes out clean as a whistle!

Use a non-abrasive cleaner on the outside of your rotisserie. Do not apply any abrasive cleaning cleanser because the roughness will cause the non-stick enamel to scratch and peel off and the non-stick surface to be compromised.

For the inside, orange based cleaners are the best. If needed you can use Soft Scrub or a scrubbing pad.

To clean the Heat Reflector in the back of the applicable rotisserie models, simply slide it up and towards you to remove it. Use Soft Scrub or Bar Keeper's Friend or you can soak with a coating of dishwasher gel.

To clean the glass door, use a window cleaner or remove and wash in the sink or dishwasher.

It's best if you wipe down the inside of the rotisserie and glass door after every use, that way the splatters won't bake onto the sides.

Q. What is the best way to cook ribs?
Place the ribs in a large pot and cover with water. We like to add a can or two of beer to the water, it makes the ribs extra tender. Bring to a slow boil and then let the ribs simmer for fifteen minutes. Remove ribs from the water. Lay your rack of ribs with the insides faced up and parallel to each other. Sprinkle on your barbeque spices or brush with barbeque sauce. Place the Rib Basket on top of the ribs. Wrap the ribs around the basket and hook into place. Place Rib Basket onto the spit rod and place in the front two resting notches on the inside of the oven, now you can just turn the spit by hand and sprinkle your spices or brush with barbeque sauce quite easily. Cook your ribs approximately 30 minutes or until tender.

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