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Weight Loss Formula #1

Hi Everyone!

Finally, a weight loss product that actually works!

Could STRESS and an imbalance of your HORMONES be causing you to gain weight and store belly fat?

  • Are you tired of trying every weight loss remedy on the planet and still not losing weight?

  • Are you tired of dieting and still your belly-fat won’t go away?

  • Are you tired of working out, eating right and still that belly fat won’t budge!

    Well so was I! No matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of that belly fat. I just hated it when my roly-poly belly fat rolled over my jeans and showed under my t-shirts and dresses. So embarrassing!

    And then… a friend told me about how much weight she had loss with RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 and I decided to try it. This stuff really works! I was able to lose the weight I wanted and “release” my belly fat and keep it off!

    So now… I’ve decided to pass this fantastic, super-duper belly fat buster on to you!

    Lisa Popeil

    So what is “RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1”
    and why does it work?

    Weight Loss Formula #1 is a unique and powerful blend of 5 natural ingredients that are clinically proven to:

  • Accelerate fat burning!
  • Reduce appetite!
  • Increase energy and stamina!
  • Enhance mood!
  • And it does all of this without any stimulants!

    I don’t know about you, but that sounds great to me!

    The 4 Big Reasons
    Why You're Not Losing Weight:

    #1 Fat-burning barrier: Your body is not producing enough Adiponectin.

    Adiponectin is the hormone that tells your body to burn fat for fuel. Multiple studies have shown that the more of this super hormone you have circulating in your bloodstream, the more fat you burn.

    The frustrating thing about Adiponectin is that the more fat you have, the lower your levels — which is why LOSING fat is so darn difficult at the beginning.

    You need a kick start...

    It turns out that researchers have found a natural solution in an extract of 2 plants used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, Piper betle leaf and Dolichos biflorus seed.

    When taken at the right dose, this extract is clinically proven to boost the fat-burning hormone, Adiponectin, by 15.3%.

    The net result? You burn MORE fat at an accelerated pace.

    The reason for the increased weight loss is simple: Raising Adiponectin levels makes it harder for fat to accumulate and makes it easier for your body to turn fat into energy!

    Now let's move on to the hormone that keeps you famished and running to the fridge, especially at night, which is the worst possible time to be overeating.

    And that's...

    #2 Fat-burning barrier: Too much Ghrelin.

    Ghrelin is called the "hunger hormone" and, basically, the more ghrelin you have in your system, the hungrier you are.

    So if you find yourself fighting cravings and can't seem to stay away from the fridge after dinner, it may be due to elevated Ghrelin levels...

    And the hard fact is that Ghrelin works directly on the hunger center of your brain by activating the brain's response to highly addictive, sweet, fatty foods. This increases your food intake at the worst possible time, usually at night, and ultimately makes you gain more weight.

    Even worse, it appears Ghrelin makes us fatter whether or not we eat more!

    You can see now why losing fat is almost impossible with elevated ghrelin levels.

    But clinical research shows that the same Ayurvedic blend that boosts your Adiponectin levels ALSO lowers your Ghrelin levels by 17.3%.

    And since higher levels of Ghrelin lead to more fat whether we overeat or not, it makes sense that a decrease in Ghrelin would lead to accelerated weight loss.

    But the best part is that by decreasing Ghrelin levels, you're not as hungry and prone to craving the foods that sabotage your weight-loss efforts.

    But if you thought that Ghrelin was bad news for your waistline, YOU need to see what's been dubbed the "fat-storage hormone."

    #3 Fat-burning Barrier: Blood Sugar Levels

    If you're overweight, there's a good chance that you're experiencing some level of insulin imbalance resulting in excess glucose, or sugar, in your system.

    While this doesn't necessarily mean that you're diabetic, it does mean that your body's insulin, or glucose regulator, becomes less effective at lowering your blood sugars.

    The end result is that instead of using the excess sugar to feed your muscles or burning it for energy, most of the carbohydrates you consume get stored as fat.

    It's simple... if you have insulin resistance (and many of us have it to some degree), it makes it virtually impossible to lose fat.

    But there's a natural substance that comes to us from Madagascar, that's shown to help smash this fat burning barrier.

    It's a special green coffee bean, called Caffea Canephora, that contains a powerful weight-loss substance called chlorogenic acids… more than 2˝ times the amount than what's in the coffee we drink at Starbucks. And it's these chlorogenic acids, along with other components of this special bean, that help regulate blood sugar.

    And it does this by inhibiting both sugar absorption in the small intestine and backup sugar production by the liver. In short, this extract helps reduce the amount of sugar entering into your blood stream.
    This forces your body to burn fat as energy instead of sugar, thus helping you lose weight.

    And here's the proof. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, people who took this extract at the “Real Dose” lost more than twice the amount of weight as the placebo group while following the same diet.

    More impressive still is that this ingredient increased their muscle-to-fat ratio by 4.1% versus 1.6% for the placebo group. That's over 2˝ times better!

    More muscle means a higher metabolism, which makes it even easier to lose weight AND keep it off.

    But even with the first 3 barriers to your weight loss addressed, you will still continue to store additional fat, especially abdominal fat, if you don't keep this final fat burning barrier at bay ... and that's:

    #4 Fat-burning Barrier: Stress = Cortisol Overload!

    Your body produces cortisol in response to stress and ramps you up so you can be ready to fight or flee.

    This CAN be a good thing in dangerous situations, like if you were to run across a bear while hiking.

    But the constant stress we're all under in today's hectic, 24/7, crisis-driven world elevates our cortisol levels far beyond what we were originally designed to handle.

    The result is a quadruple whammy on your waistline:

    #1: Excess cortisol increases your cravings for sweets and carbs, which can lead to overeating and constant hunger.

    #2: Cortisol causes your body to actually BREAK DOWN your muscle tissue for energy. Which is absolutely the worst thing for weight loss, since the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolism will be, and the more fat you'll gain.

    #3: Elevated cortisol levels cause a larger percentage of fat to be stored in the abdominal area. What's worse is that the more abdominal fat you have, the more cortisol you produce in response to stress, which then causes more abdominal fat to be stored.

    #4: Recent studies link high cortisol levels to depression in adults and children. And we all know that when you're depressed, you eat MORE.

    It's like a vicious cycle with no end in sight!

    The good news is that there's an herb from the Altai Mountain region of Siberia, called Rhodiola rosea that has been used for centuries in Russia and Scandinavia as a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and fatigue.

    Now a big cause of weight gain is stress-related eating. When you feel blue, it's easy to reach for comfort foods or, even worse, drink the stress away. Stress also affects your sleep, and the research is clear that lack of sleep leads to weight gain.

    Rhodiola rosea is a safe, natural remedy for reducing stress. Less stress means your cortisol levels are lower, your mood is brighter, and your body can more easily burn off dangerous belly fat.

    The RealDose Weight Loss Formula # 1 delivers the required 340 mg of Rhodiola rosea needed to help diminish stress levels and the creation of cortisol, which causes us to store belly fat.

    To maximize the efficacy of this product, it is important to take it 3 times a day, optimally 30 minutes before you eat.

    While taking Weight Loss Formula No. 1 you will notice that:

  • Your appetite is reduced (without stimulants)
  • You have increased energy and stamina!
  • Enhanced mood!
  • Lower stress level!
  • Accelerated fat burning!

    I can recommend this product because I know it works!

    Note: I started noticing a change in the 2nd week of taking this 3 times per day, before meals. It really started to kick in during the 4th week of taking it consistently. I couldn't believe I was losing inches around my waist and losing pounds even if I cheated and had desert!

    So I highly recommend purchasing the discounted 3 month supply.


    The RealDose company gives a 365 day guarantee for all of its products! If you don't like it, for any reason, you simply return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

    Try It... you will really be glad you did!

    Lisa Popeil

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