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Ronco Solid Food Injector

Inject great flavors inside your food!

This patented Showtime Solid Food Injector is the only solid food injector you can purchase for home use. Imagine injecting whole cloves of garlic, fresh or dried fruit, nuts, herbs, olives, even vegetables into your favorite meats such as roast beef, pork loin roast, leg of lamb, turkey, etc.

The infused flavors are much stronger than liquid marinades. This is the only real way to induce a variety of strong flavors inside your food during the cooking process. And, the food comes out so beautiful you wonít believe you made it yourself!

Product Instructions:

  • Fill the Solid Food Injector tip with three or four whole cloves of garlic (as an example)
  • Insert the tip of the injector into any piece of meat
  • Inject by pushing the plunger down

    Itís that easy! Be creative - try injecting sweetened cranberries into turkey breast, green or black olives into pork loin roast, walnuts into leg of lamb, or small fresh chunks of pineapple into honey-baked ham.

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